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Chuck Season 2 Blu-ray
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin
22 episodes 4 Blu-ray discs
Originally broadcast NBC 2008-09
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

The spy adventure comedy Chuck has a tough time surviving seasons on network TV but it is a fun and original show. The Blu-ray for Chuck The Complete Second Season features 22 episodes on 4 discs including one in 3-D, glasses provided. This is not a laugh out loud funny action comedy or particularly noteworthy but it is enjoyable. The spy stuff is cool and the secondary story about Chuck at the Buy More has a geek quality that makes for an interesting dichotomy and nerd laughs.

To make season 1 short, Chuck ‘s brain is a living hard disc of the U.S. government’s every bit of intelligence (a joke here would be way too easy). A cute blonde named Sarah in whom Chuck is interested and a more typical macho agent named John Casey are agents assigned to protect him and help him on missions. Chuck’s cover is the TV version of Best Buy.

At the beginning of Chuck Season Two the cipher is found. This means Sarah and Chuck can date but Casey must eliminate Chuck. Since there is a second and twenty more episodes, you know something goes wrong and Chuck is still alive but dateless for the rest of the season.

Oddly, the cipher seems to be recovered in the second episode but Casey doesn’t have to kill Chuck. There are a few other things that don’t quite make sense but what the hell, it’s fun. There is a fun running gag involving a couple on its second honeymoon.

Episode 12 disc 2 is in 3D. You need the old school blue and green cardboard glasses provided and cannot use the new style glasses you brought back from the theater last time. The show itself is not that interesting nor are the 3D effects

The guest stars for the second season of Chuck include John Laroquette as a Casanova spy, Michael Duncan Clarke as a baddie, Nicole Richie, Scott Bakula, and Chevy Chase. They help make this adventure comedy interesting.


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