Tig Notaro Drawn is certain to be one of the top 10 stand-up comedy releases of 2021.

Though the idea of combining animation with a comic’s stand-up show is not new, the concept reaches a whole new level in this stand-up comedy download. Tig Notaro Drawn is a comedy video you are going to watch again and again.

The 10 stories Tig Notaro shares are animated in 10 different styles. This could have a mess but the various styles work well together. This is partly because the one constant is how Tig is animated on stage. This serves as an anchor for the various animations. The best of these in my mind is the pop art style of the Van Halen story.

The stories Notaro tells on Drawn include: the Kool Aid Man, which is excellent, getting wisdom teeth extracted and having no one to count on, an interesting enough road trip story, and a very gory story about Notaro being in the hospital with internal bleeding.

Other stories on this comedy download include one about Tig’s various scars, a story where one of her friends keeps trying to get together but something is always wrong with Notaro, a bit about being cool as a kid, the high school talent show.

Tig Notaro Drawn ends with a very realistic animation of a road trip where she listened to Dolly Parton’s Two Doors Down on repeat. Unfortunately the song sometimes buries what Notaro is saying.

Tig Notaro Drawn is a superb stand-up comedy download I cannot recommend enough.

Tig Notaro
Stand-up comedy video
HBO 2021
50 minutes

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