Bewitched Season Two
Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead
Colorized versionBlack and white version
38 episodes on 5 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005

The first thing you will do when you get Bewitched Season Two is jump to the second Dvd in this box set and play the episode where Samantha Stevens gives birth to Tabitha. Your curiosity will be well rewarded as it is quite a funny episode of this classic television sitcom featuring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York -the original Darrin-and screen legend Agnes Moorehead who is absolutely hilarious as Endora whose choice in makeup probably inspired Tammy Faye Baker.

Although And Baby Makes Three is a laugh out loud episode, the 37 other shows on this 5 DVD set are also great. A viewer will have great difficulty choosing which one to watch next although The Joker Is A Card (Disc 1 Episode 5) with Paul Lynde as the infamous Uncle Arthur is a must see as he plays practical jokes on both Endora and Darrin and even convinces Darrin he’s got a little magic in him.  Of course, the Kravitz’s are present so you get the last performance of Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz.

There are many other really good shows in this set. Most fans of Bewitched will enjoy the very comic episode 36 of season two when Samantha finds out if Darrin would have proposed had he known she was a witch. Follow That Witch is a two parter featuring PI Charlie Leach who learns about Samantha’s secret and blackmails her into helping him out. Of course, there are a couple of shows that are of much lesser interest such as the one where Darrin believes Tabitha has the power to pick stocks but the vast majority of the 38 shows in this set are quite fun to watch.

Bewitched Season Two also features a bloopers bit titled Bewitched, Bewildered and Be-bloopered. The bloopers segment is hard to find as it is not indicated on the DVD jackets but it is on disc 5. The bloopers themselves are continuity errors and moments you can see the wires and not flubs by any of the actors on the series. Still, they are neat and give those who opted for the black and white version of this box set a taste of what the colorized episodes would look like (generally okay although the skin tones are sometimes overly tanned).

Sony Pictures did everything right in releasing Bewitched Season Two. Purists can get the original black and white version box set while others can choose the colorized episodes.  Each Dvd features nine episodes -disc five has two- and the box set comes in 3 double DVD slim cases. The picture quality is pristine aside from a couple of scenes where it is obvious stock footage was used.

Fans of this favorite now syndicated series will undoubtedly discover new things in each episode as you get the entire some 25 minute version and not the version you get on syndicated TV where a minute or two is chopped off to allow to squeeze in more commercials.

Episode List:


Alias Darrin Stephens

A Very Special Delivery (Darrin gets pregnant)

We’re In For A Bad Spell

My Grandson, The Warlock

The Joker Is A Card

Take Two Aspirins And Half A Pint Of Porpoise Milk

Trick Or Treat

The Very Informal Dress

And Then I Wrote

Disc 2

Junior Executive

Aunt Clara’s Old Flame

A Strange Little Visitor

My Boss, The Teddy Bear

Speak The Truth

A Vision Of Sugar Plums

The Magic Cabin

Maid To Order

And Then There Were Three (Tabitha’s birth, very good)

Disc 3

My Baby, The Tycoon

Samantha Meets The Folks

Fastest Gun On Madison Avenue

The Dancing Bear

Double Take

Samantha, The Dressmaker

The Horses’s Mouth

Baby’s First Paragraph

The Leprechaun

Disc 4

Double Split

Disappearing Samantha

Follow That Witch Part One and Part Two

A Bum Raps

Divided He Falls

Man’s Best Friend

The Catnapper

What Every Young Man Should Know

Disc 5

The Girl With The Golden Nose


Bewitched, Bewildered and Bebloopered



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