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Sarah Chalke, Philip Winchester, Judy Greer
Originally aired Lifetime 2009
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
270 minutes

Maneater is an absolutely wretched 2-part Lifetime miniseries romcom. This romantic comedy DVD stars Sarah Chalke (Becky 2 in Roseanne) as a thirty-something woman who decides to get married to a combination sugardaddy and boytoy before her looks totally go. Love doesn’t enter the equation here and neither does any semblance of even what passes for reality in Hollywood.

Clarissa (Chalke) is one of those women who is used to having everything free, crashing lines to exclusive clubs, and so on and so on. Her one and only life skill is being pretty. Her definition of smart is what an insult does. Clarissa is emptier than a politician’s promise. She does get a bit more interesting when she meets a thirty-something heir and marries him but don’t forget she was starting from less than zero This is also when Maneater gets mildly amusing: the heir’s parents tell him he is cut-off the morning after the wedding. How will vain and empty Clarissa react?

Granted, Maneater tries a romantic comedy and it is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. It would have been nice though if it featured more than stereotypical characters spouting dialogue a freshman writing class would scoff at. The plot twists would be more believable if they had included an alien from Zeptor landed in the middle of a scene and said “Take me to your leader.”

To save you the trouble: they all lived their implausible lives happily ever after.

You really have to wonder what they were thinking, scratch that, smoking when they decided to make Maneater. If you decide to watch this DVD, you better be smoking some good stuff too.


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