Soap The Complete Series – Season Two
Katherine Helmond, Robert Guillaume, Billy Crystal
Richard Mulligan, Diana Canova, Robert Mandan
4 Seasons 12 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

Season Two of Soap The Complete Series (aka the one that ends with the devil baby) opens with Peter’s murderer behind bars; Jody an expecting father; Danny getting married to the mob; Corinne also getting married; a prison escape; and a few very good comedic moments between Danny and Burt (Richard Mulligan). Confused? You won’t be after you watch the 3 season two DVDs of Soap The Complete series.

The story lines in this second season of what was in the late seventies a somewhat controversial situation comedy are wilder than in the previous season: Corinne is pregnant and having Rosemary’s baby; Eunice and Dutch find it hard to be together; Chester is no longer Chester -this allows Robert Mandan to have some fun; Burt finds his wife in a compromising position, comes to conclusions, and goes to his secretary; a character gets kidnapped; another vanishes; Chuck and Bob come up with a new act; and the colonel finds a dog.

Also: Danny and Burt decide to play detective, Tim moves to a cave, Corrine’s baby shows up after only 6 weeks of pregnancy, Jodie gets a new roommate,

Really good moments include the Tate and Campbell women discussing their sex life or lack of it over some coffee cake, Richard Mulligan doing a great drunk table dance of sorts, the men drinking away their sorry and Bob getting smashed, and John Byner as a private detective.

Lesser moments include Benson asking “Want me to get that?” when there is someone at the door. This running gag gets tired very quickly.

At the end of Soap Season Two Billy is getting into the Sunnys and Bert sees his second flying saucer.

Soap The Complete Series features 12 DVDs and is very reasonably priced. The weak point is the DVDs comeĀ on a cookie tray style plastic spindle so scratching the discs is probable.


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