Employee of the Day is an excellent through and through, sometimes explicit (for those who care), comedy download.

Aaron Aryanpur is an immediately likeable stand-up comic who knows how to build a stand-up show from the ground up. While many comics have some kind of progression in their show, Aryanpur has carefully constructed his set so he can take his audience from a topic everyone can relate to and close with more personal, cultural material that carries over well because he has established a solid rapport.

Employee of the Day opens with a bit about things that happened when he had a day job, an email that went wrong, and being reassigned to staying home. Aryanpur then segues nicely to a series of stories about his wife and kids.

My favorite in this section is Fury Road [Explicit]   where Aryanpur discusses how your choice of partner changes through the years: The question you should really ask a partner is is she ready for the zombie apocalypse?

The third section of this comedy download is where Aaron Ayanpur discusses his Iranian background. He opens by stating he is Texan but he is also the son of a Muslim father and a Jewish mother and his great grandfather was a warlord with his own unusual story. The comic tackles racial profiling but does so in a non-aggressive, easy going way that still gets the point across.

Employee of the Day closes with a short bit about his religious upbringing and his take on the Book of Genesis. It is a strong closer.

Employee of the Day
Aaron Aryanpur
Stand-up comedy download
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