Blue Collar TV
Season One Volume One
Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry The Cable Guy
2 DVDs
13 Shows
Warner Home Entertainment 2005
302 minutes

Fans of the Blue Collar Comedy people have come to learn over the past couple of years that not everything Blue Collar Comedy is automatically funny (though this is not the case of Blue Collar TV). From the particularly dreadful Mobile Home Disasters TV show with Bill Engvall, the Live From Las Vegas stand-up comedy DVD, the dreadful Ron White Show, or even Larry The Cable Guy’s second comedy CD The Right To Bare Arms, the Blue Collar Comedy people have had their share of non-starters in the great Nascar race of comedy. Blue Collar TV, Season One, Volume One, however, shows that Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry The Cable Guy definitely have it when it comes to redneck jokes and southern comedy. This 2 DVD set features the episodes of Blue Collar TV that aired on the WB from July to October 2004 and proves beyond a doubt that television sketch comedy is not dead no matter how hard Saturday Night Live (or is it Comatose) tries to bury the body.

Blue Collar TV, Season One, Volume One features the first 13 episodes of the series. This set also proves that if you have a stand-up comedian or three who can also act, good writers, a strong supporting cast (Brooke Dillman, Ashley Drane, Ayda Field, Heath Hyche, Peter Oldring, Gary Anthony Williams), and some pretty good writers, television sketch comedy can be alive and well. Not every sketch in this 2 DVD set is brilliant but very few episodes make the Saturday Night Comatose mistake of running the funny sketch way beyond its original funny premise.

A mild parental advisory applies to Blue Collar TV, Season One, Volume One. Case in point is the funny sketch Big Kids (Episode 1) where Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry The Cable Guy play three kids in a car on a long trip to grandma’s. If seeing the Cable Guy in a diaper is not enough to gross you out, the wiener jokes and pee shower that closes this sketch is definitely not something you want the little kiddies to share and enjoy. The very first episode of this show cranks up the gross-out factor a notch or two with the House Of Gravy Sketch where the gravy really flies, and 400 lbs. of Intervention about a fat family who discovers their daughter is dieting in secret. I have yet to see more fat jokes squeezed into a single funny sketch.

Then again, Blue Collar TV does flash this warning: “This program contains reenactments of real blue-collar people engaging in lifestyles and behaviors that may be disturbing to some upscale viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.” This is shown for the first time in episode two for the Rescue 911 spoof where the rescuers have to help a boy who went blind after seeing his grandma naked in the shower. It is also fair warning that this is not necessarily family viewing fare.

A regular funny joke on the Blue Collar TV show is the Hatfield – McCoy Redneck Dictionary where words take on a whole new meaning. This was part of Jeff Foxworthy’s regular “Words From The South” stage act and it translates well into a very short little funny sketch that explains the new meaning of words like handsome (handsome of that there stuff).

The set-up for each Blue Collar TV episode is very simple. Jeff Foxworthy comes out, does a few jokes, you get three funny sketches, and then Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy join Foxworthy on stage to do a few more jokes and close the show.

Although not all the funny sketches are great (Hug You Or Hit You with Ron White is not that good) most of them are. Personal favorites from Blue Collar TV Season One Volume One are the CSI spoof and Hick Eye For The Queer Guy (episode three) Open Casket, a very short funny sketch in episode one, the irregular feature PC Fairy Tales with Larry The Cable Guy. The Extreme Makeover spoof on DVD 2 where a cute guy wants to look like his redneck hillbilly family (and all of that Halloween show) is also excellent.

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume One: get your daily dose of redneck jokes.

Track list:


Family 07/29/04
House of Gravy / Open Casket / Big Kids / 400 Lbs. of Intervention

Naked 08/05/04
Perfect Aim / Rescue 911 / Little Miss Jr. Dance Squad / The Real Bachelor

TV 08/12/04
Hick Eye For The Queer Guy / Hug You Or Hit You / Sleeping Funeral / CSI

Bad Jobs 08/19/04
Larry Gives Directions / Drunk Trial / Totes Humpable / Shut Up Horn

Marriage 08/26/04
Foxworthy Action Film / PC Fairy Tales / Remote

Boyz In The Woods 1 Hour Special 09/09/04
Little Miss Jr and Outtakes / PC Fairy Tales and Outtakes / Rescue 911 and Outtakes


Vacations 09/16/04
Weeble Kneeble / Fix It Or Feel Better / Mudfire Pottery / Bus

Spoirts 09/23/04
L. Ron Tippett / The Tacketts: Funeral / ACMA Red Carpet / Rodeo Diet Clown/ L.Roy Tippett Live

Funerals 09/30/04
My George Foreman Easyfryfryer / Salsa Lessons / Wedding Gifts / PC Fairy Tales / Tee Ball Coach / Into The Knight

Music 10/07/04
With Drew Carey and Big & Rich
The Deck / Cooking School / Singing Hunters / Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy

Partying 10/14/04
Palm Reader / Big Kids: Cousin Timmy / QBS: Dinner With Hank Williams Jr. / The Deck 2

Getting Sick 10/21/04
Larry The Spider Guy / Rectal Exam / Suffer Less / PC Fairy Tales /

Halloween 10/28/04
Extreme Makeover / Big Kids Halloween / Rednecks Gone Wild / Tacketts Halloween

Special Features:

Live Comedy No Second Chances (cast and crew talk about how wonderful Blue Collar is).
Hatfield-McCoy Redneck Dictionary


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