Johnny Beehner Tiny Wiener is a winner. Beehner immediately establishes you are in very competent hands and all you have to do is enjoy and enjoy you do. This comic shows you do not need to scream, swear, or be weird to give a solid, entertaining, and funny performance.  Tiny Wiener is an audience friendly stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album with some adult topics and situations and mostly clean language (for those who care). MP3 album at Amazon

One of the many strengths of this CD is its structure. The seemingly autobiographical material is presented chronologically starting with grade school. This is a smart move as the audience gets to know the comic/character before he gets to the somewhat more serious relationship material and the center of Tiny Wiener. The relationship bits are nothing really new but they are funny.

The most impressive bit here is Jury Duty where the comedian goes for a stream of consciousness experience that is really well done and appreciated by the audience.

Johnny Beehner Tiny Weiner ends on a bit of an odd note with a raunchier story that does not quite fit with the tone previously established.

The material here on Tiny Wiener by Johnny Beehner not particularly profound but it is very funny. Sometimes you feel like a good laugh without having to awaken your social consciousness. This stand-up comedy CD more than fits the bill.

Tiny Wiener
Johnny Beehner
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
Rooftop Comedy 2011

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