Dwight York Belongs in a Bar is brilliant. There is no other word for this stand-up comedy download. Fifty (or so) minutes of one-liner jokes and not a groaner in the bunch. There is even a call back if you can call it that (you’ll get it when you hear it).

These days, most stand-up comedy downloads feature egotistical biographical material. If not that, you get observational comedy that is at best mundane if not re-heated. This is not the case here. You get brilliant, funny as hell jokes.

A set with just jokes is from the start rather impressive. When all of the jokes are funny and line-up like dominoes in a Japanese contest you get Dwight York Belongs in a Bar.

This download is an absolute must for any stand-up comedy fan. As an added bonus, a lot of the material is safe enough to remember and share with the people you work with.

I cannot recommend Dwight York Belongs in a Bar strongly enough. It is sure to be tops on our top 10 comedy downloads for 2021

Belongs in a Bar
Dwight York
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2021
50 minutes


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