Anthony Davis is a very entertaining Southern comic. How Southern is Anthony Davis? He appeared on COPS! This stand-up who “looks like Ed Sheeran was raised in Alabama” favors adult-oriented material and it works for him. One thing for sure, you will never look at porn the same way again.

Eat Around It opens with some family related material that shocks the audience a bit and Davis piles a couple more on to make sure we know where he stands. This allows the audience to go along for the ride and they do not regret it.

The many solid routines on this comedy download include being surprised by the potency of California pot, the risks of having a stroke, and appearing on a roots type show titled A New Leaf. The punchline to that one is superb and … weird.

My favorite bit on this stand-up comedy download is the one on porn. It has to do with reaching an age where you are more interested in the decor than the performers.

The best bit on Anthony Davis Eat Around It is Snakes. Southern preachers seem to like to hangle venomous snakes for the hell of it and for better or for worse. If you are curious as to how to craft the perfect, just long enough comedy bit, this is a great example.

Eat Around It closes too soo for my taste on a story about thinking Grindr was a sandwich club. It too is great.

There is a shitload of stand-up comedy being released. Eat Around It by Anthony Davis is one of the few really worthwhile downloads.

Eat Around It
Anthony Davis
stand-up comedy download
Uproar! Entertainment 2020

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