If I saw Max Brockman on the marquee of a stand-up comedy club I would certainly buy a ticket.

It will take me a couple of jokes to get used to Brockmann’s delivery style but once I got in the groove, I am sure I would have a good evening at the club. Normal Within Reason is Max Brockmann first stand-up comedy download and it is worth the buckage.

Brockmann opens rather strangely with a couple of jokes with three variations to each. It is most unusual and quite risky as it can get the audience’s back up. This comic gets away with it.

The heart of this comedy download is his year-long sobriety journal. When Brockmann decided to quit drinking he followed the AA advice and kept a journal but in his case it was a journal of mostly autobiographical jokes. This is a very clever way to do a set with a series of very short, disconnected bits. Keep in mind though that it is only clever because the jokes work.

If you are one of those stand-up comedy fans who likes to analyze and see the innards of material, you will appreciate how smart Brockmann’s callbacks are. You will also quickly realize he is a strong if not avid faithful follower of the rule of threes. It is kind of fun to keep track of these things when the material is good and it is on Normal Within Reason.

I very much look forward to what Max Brockmann comes up with next. He is an original and there are fewer of those around every day.

Normal Within Reason
Stand-up Comedy Download
Independent Release 2018

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