Butterflies by Canadian comic Todd Van Allen is a very entertaining stand-up comedy download with staying power. You immediately like Todd Van Allen and his delivery makes for an easy-going listening experience.

Granted, Butterflies opens weak with ye olde wind chill factor but the rest of the album features really original material.

The track list on this stand-up comedy album is rather clever. For example Racism is about racism but not in any way even a veteran comedy fan might expect. Homophobia is about how trucks in Alberta have testicles but are still referred as “she”.

The highlight on Butterflies by Todd Van Allen is the second half of Anger where Van Allen does the sound effects of a texting conversation. It is clever and funny as hell.

Second best, I think, is Christmas Commercialization where the comic takes on O.Henry’s “Gift of the Magi”

The title and closing track ends this Todd Van Allen Butterflies perfectly. It is a smart, original, and extremely well-written bit that reflects the album as a whole.

BTW people like Todd Van Allen might think Quebec drivers are bad but that is because they are like learner permit holders trying to drive with adults.

Todd Van Allen
Stand-up comedy download
Cat Pee Productions 2020

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