A Jackie “the joke man” Martling stand-up comedy CD is a must in any collection.

His 2010 release Snart is an excellent place to start, especially since it also includes a bonus comedy DVD of Martling performing different material. Martling is an old school “Guy walks into a bar” joke teller. Fair warning, the cover for this CD DVD set may look like it is kid friendly but this is adult only comedy.

Martling tells jokes to an adult audience. That’s really all you need to know. Some of the jokes are dirty and a few are probably offensive. The thing is this guy really knows how to tell a joke. His tendency to laugh at his own material is a little irritating but there is a semi obvious reason he does that.

Snart the CD features 78 minutes of jokes taken from seven different performances between 1999 and 2009. The dates to not matter as unlike a stand-up routine jokes are pretty much timeless and Jackie Martling does not do topical humor.

Snart the DVD is “Stump the Joke Man” from 1990 and 1991 at the Rascals Comedy Club in Joisey. This is 95 minutes of VHS quality footage -it is after all a bonus DVD– where audience members tell the first or first two lines of a joke and if Martling does not know the punchline they get a free t-shirt.¬† Ladies have to come up on stage, guys can just stand up and yell it. Martling is smart enough to repeat the lines in case you did not hear them.

Also on the Jackie the Joke Man Martling DVD is a slideshow with the same soundtrack as on the CD.

If you like jokes and adult humor, Martling is the best at what he does.

Jackie  The Joke Man Martling
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
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