My Sexual Belle Curve
Stirling Gardner
9 Stories 2 1/2 hours

Stirling Gardner is a raconteur. If you like performance readings of comic autobiographical stories you are going to love most of My Sexual Belle Curve. This comedy MP3 independent release is available at Amazon and the other place. My Sexual Belle Curve by Stirling Gardner runs more than 2 and a half hours. The sound quality on this independent release is generally good though sometimes a little cavernous.

My Sexual Belle Curve features 9 stories (20 tracks) all performed at the Comedy Central Stages in Hollywood. Gardner is an excellent comic writer and narrator. He certainly knows how to turn a phrase or drop a bon mot without attracting undue attention to it. It opens with My Penguin, a comic narrative using March of the Penguins as a premise for a story about Gardner’s first love, Laura.

The rest of this release follows Gardner as he grows up and matures or sort of matures. There is an honesty to his narratives that make them even funnier. This even if like in Above The Rim –yes that kind of rim— it is a bit too detailed.

Not all of My Sexual Belle Curve is strictly autobiographical. A couple of stories are told by his cousin Jimmy and Gardner’s minister father.

There is something off about the sound on Little Creatures where you get the distinct impression there is something going on on stage away from the mic.

The track When Stirling Met What’s Her Name does not work. It is told as if Gardner was talking on a cell phone and I am not quite sure what is going on in. Also not up to the standard Garnder set early on in My Sexual Belle Curve is An Open Apology to My Ex-girlfriends

Careful listeners will notice some of the facts do not quite gel from story to story, not that it matters.

Though I am generally impressed with this independent release, I am less impressed with its marketing. Complete stories are split into 2 or 3 MP3 tracks. I know: a buck or three, what the hell? It is just annoying.

This stand-up comedy MP3 release features adult language and situations.


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