Driveway Moments are when you are listening to National Public Radio and stay in the car until the program or segment is over. More Funniest Driveway Moments is the second 2 CD collection of funny segments.

There are twenty three such moments here from NPR shows such as All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and others. They may not all be the funniest but they are funny or related to what is funny

The segments on this 2 CD set are introduced by Robert Krulwich. Krulwich does a decent enough job but tries too hard to sell you on the upcoming bit. CD 1 of NPR Funniest Driveway Moments opens with a 2008 interview with Joan Rivers. She is followed by Harry Shearer, most often heard on The Simpsons. The show plays a few clips from Shearer’s many voice impressions and bits. There is lots to like here, including the next track which is Shearer s fake commercial for Flame-Resistant Salmon.

Less successful on CD 1 are the interview with Harold Ramis and Mike Sachs on comedy writing. People are rarely successful at explaining how comedy works.¬† The problem with Dave Barry’s Science Fair Tricks is you would have to be there to appreciate it. This is a purely televisic segment.

Other segments on the first CD include John Hodgman, a very nasty bit of satire on climate change conferences, anchor Brian Williams has an interesting take on the media on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, a bit on a couple and their issue with snoring, and a decent enough piece by Kevin Kling related to his stay in hospital.

CD2 of NPR More Funniest Driveway Moments opens with interviews with Carol Burnett and Tom Conway. Fun but you won’t learn anything new. The tour of various celebrity burial places with Seinfeld alum Peter Mehlman¬† is interesting but his rejection letter skit if much funnier.

Much like the bit on comedy writing on the first CD, the bit on America’s Funniest Joke fails. Country star Robert Earl Keen has a memorable visit to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. This is followed by a very good interview with Bob of Bob and Ray that includes a few clips.

Glee fans will enjoy the interview with Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester. Other segments include an editorialist with feet of lead, Peter Sagal s rant on overpraised children and turns it on its head.

Commentator Gwen Macsai has a funny and impolitically correct series of Advice for New Fathers. This would be a good clip to buy on MP3 and send a new dad.

The last bit on NPR Funniest Driveway Moments on homeland security, homeland as in your house, is deadpan funny.

This 2 CD set of comic NPR moments is not a must but it is fun enough.

More Funniest Driveway Moments
National Public Radio
2 CD
HighBridge Audio 2010

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