Tim Harmston is a better comic than he gives himself credit for. The Most Bees Ever features solid stand-up comedy with quite a few particularly original bits such as the Penguin Rodeo and it’s section on mouse torture.

Unfortunately, the show has three instances where Harmston feels his material did not go over well (it did) and he puts it down. It takes away from the listening experience and makes you question whether or not your own impression of the jokes is valid.

Hamrston cuts a large swath. The Catholic and sports material is pretty decent. I really liked the vegetarian bit even if that is one the comic puts down. The Chuck E Cheeze bit is quite good; so is the title track.

There are a couple of instances where the set-up doesn’t quite go with the material. One is “You ever have a day at work where everything goes right?”

For those who care, Tim Harmston uses mild adult language (sh!t) and the show has a couple of particularly adult jokes.

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The Most Bees Ever
Tim Harmston
Stand-up comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2014

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