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Teen Wolf Blu-ray
Michael J. Fox, Susan Ursitti
Directed by Rod Daniel
Originally released 1985
MGM 2011

Teen Wolf is a very enjoyable B-movie. Now available on Blu-ray, this teen comedy is obviously a quickie Michael J. Fox made on hiatus from Family Ties. Teen Wolf is pretty much a cult favorite amongst werewolf movie fans as it is one of few movies that managed to be a good comedy at the same time. Rabid, get it?, fans of the movie will be disappointed in that there are no special features on the Blu-ray aside from a peek at the TV series.

Fox plays Scott Howard, a high school kid who is going through the change: hair is growing in new places, he has temper tantrums, and his glands are overactive. In fact, he is a bit of an animal; a werewolf to be more precise.

This on top of being on a winless in its last three seasons basketball team, having the hots for one of the babes in school while not noticing his gal pal has the hots for him, and a few other minor storylines.

Scott learns to enjoy being a werewolf. It does improve his game. It goes to his head when he becomes BWOC, Big Werewolf on Campus.

The rest of the cast in this comedy is made up of B-list actors. Teen Wolf does suffer a bit from that but not enough to affect the movie. In fact it is almost part of its charm.

Do not look for fancy special effects in this low-budget flick though the werewolf make-up is decent enough. Do look for a funny nod to Saturday Night Fever

Teen Wolf Blu-ray is one of those fun little teen movies you cannot but enjoy.

Also from MGM and loosely related: Teen Witch: romantic comedy obviously aimed at teenage girls


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