Gina Yashere gives an excellent performance on Skinny Bitch, her first stand-up comedy DVD.

Unfortunately, a British and Nigerian accent combined to cavernous sound and quick patter create you get a performance a viewer really has to pay attention to to fully enjoy. Skinny Bitch is good enough you will want to watch Yashere s DVD again anyways.

Skinny Bitch begins with an overly long colonic irrigation routine but Yashere manages to make it work all the way through. If colonic irrigation jokes are … up your alley … you are really going to enjoy this bit. This is followed by a very funny and visual bit about having Lupus.

Gina Yashere goes for longer, story type stand-up routines and she has the chops and stories for it. Also good on this stand-up comedy DVD is the Nigeria bit including the airport customs segment where she really exploits her ability for physical comedy.

The audience does not stop laughing for one second during the perhaps too short pick-up lines from around part of the world.

The best moment in this very strong show is the White folk Black folk bit. Yashere makes it universal in the sense of around the globe and closes it with a very good dig at white kids.  Skinny Bitch also features a good bit on why Black people do not swim and one on face transplants

One thing that really irritates on this Gina Yashere DVD is the audience reaction shots are totally disconnected from what is going on. If you are going to bother with audience reaction shots you could at least make an effort.

Special features on Gina Yashere s DVD are a 2-minute bonus clip, an 8-minute clip from her musical opening act Indigo Brown, and filler.

Skinny Bitch
Gina Yashere
Stand-up comedy DVD
VSC 2011

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