Tooth Fairy 2
Larry the Cable Guy, David Mackey, Erin Beute
Directed by Alex Zamm
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

In Tooth Fairy 2 Larry the Cable Guy fills the pointy pink shoes left vacant by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Larry plays Larry so you have to like the Blue Collar Comedy character to enjoy this straight to DVD family comedy. Tooth Fairy 2 is funny and entertaining enough and that’s pretty much all you can expect in the first place.

Larry plays Florida mechanic Larry Guthrie. Larry has been dating Brooke for some time. On his way to a kid’s party Larry sees the chance to win a Camaro being drawn by a local car dealer. Larry wins the car but loses the girl. Stuff happens and Larry tells a kid the tooth fairy does not exist. That night he receives a magic letter that transforms the Cable Guy uniform into a pink tutu.

Larry the Tooth Fairy must collect 10 teeth in 10 days to make up for his mistake. He also has to find a way to get his girlfriend back before she marries Beauregard Billings (David Mackey who got Second Billing too).

The sequel uses some of the same jokes and premises as the original but because Larry the mechanic is a different character from Dwayne the hockey player they do not feel too much like retreads. The tooth fairy boss role is filled by a bratty kid, making it much more fun.

Tooth Fairy 2 is probably more fun for kids than for adults but this adult found it fun to watch.

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