La Vie en Rhodes
Erica Rhodes
Stand-up comedy video
Comedy Dynamics 2021

La Vie en Rhodes by Erica Rhodes is a highly entertaining stand-up comedy video.

Rhodes takes on Covid right at the beginning of the show but very lightly and with an interesting curve. It seems Covid has forced us to lower our expectations … towards herself.

This stand-up comedy show is heavy on relationship material. From her own adventures with a series of strange men to her parents’ own relationship. I really liked the love is wanting to see the other naked bit. Also on the menu is getting older and when is it that you are officially old and your life is over? The friend-zoning segment is very solid.

There are a couple of neat bits on correct language interspersed in the show. I wish she’d done more of those but that’s because I am a fan of that kind of humor. I absolutely loved the segment on the use of the period and how we’ve lost its meaning in texting.

I don’t personally care about Taylor Swift but that routine really works

Erican Rhodes is not above a couple of comedy tropes. One is a story about having a minority audience member approve a rather risque joke so others can laugh.

Erica Rhodes La Vie en Rhodes was filmed at a drive-in theater in Pasadena with the audience sitting in their cars. You can hear some of the audience laughing but they also show their approval by honking. You would think this would get annoying but it does not.

Visually, La Vie en Rhodes is perfect. It concentrates on Rhodes but you get the odd cut away to the audience to show what is happening and the special circumstances of the show.

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