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I Love You Beth Cooper
Hayden Pannetiere, Paul Rust, Jack Carpenter
Directed by Chris Columbus
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
102 minutes

I Love You Beth Cooper is a teen comedy DVD that turns out to be better than its parts. This Christ Columbus (Harry Potter, Home Alone) movie brings a new take on the rite of passage movie but unfortunately uses standard teen flick fare to get its point across. The acting is mundane and most of the characters thinner than the talent of the actors portraying them.

Valedictorian Dennis Cooverman (Paul Rust) declares his love for classmate Beth Cooper during his speech. This leaves an impression on the entire school including Beth Cooper and her ROTC boyfriend. Cooverman also outs his best friend in a secondary storyline that basically goes nowhere.

Dennis and his best friend Rich end up spending some event-filled time with Beth and her two gal pals. Some of the events are interesting. Dennis gets to find out about himself and who Beth Cooper really is.

Pannetiere does what she can with an undefined character. Everybody else is a young adult playing a teenager.

There are a couple of decent moments in this teen comedy: the lightsaber vs. skeleton hands and the wet towel fight scenes are cool.  Another involves Alice Cooper’s School’s Out.

I Love You Beth Cooper turns out to be a decent enough comedy if you stick to it. It makes you wonder what the original story was like before it went Hollywood.

Special features on the I Love You Beth Cooper DVD include an alternate ending, deleted scenes, features on Hayden Pannetiere and Paul Rust, and other stuff.


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